If your looking for a great place to eat close to the OU campus or to just enjoy an adult beverage on the patio then The Mont is the place for you.

In the late 1920’s a restaurant opened at the corner of Classen (US 77) and Boyd streets in Norman, Oklahoma named The Monterrey. U.S. 77 was the main north south highway until Interstate 35 was built in the 60’s. The Monterrey was one of the first businesses in Norman that had air conditioning.

Around 1943, Joe Charles purchased the Monterrey and operated it until 1968. They served traditional Mexican food, breakfast and American food to residents of Norman as well as people passing through Norman on U.S. 77

The Monterrey had a message to their patrons printed on their 1943 menu that read “It is the desire of the management and employees to render you the best possible service, the highest quality of food, properly prepared and temptingly served. Your stay with us must be a pleasant one! Enjoy your repast to the fullest and linger long amid the surroundings and atmosphere we have endeavored to create. Your return again spells our success. Any criticism or approbation will be greatly appreciated.”

The entire Charles family worked in the restaurant at one time or another. There was normally not a need for many other employees as Mr. & Mrs. Charles had 13 children! In fact, one of the Charles’ sons, Mike “Miguel” Charles, worked for The Mont Restaurant in the same kitchen as when he was a teenager until 2008. The Monterrey was closed in 1968. In 1972 Mr. Charles died in a car accident in Mexico. Since that time at the same location the building has operated as a German restaurant, Volkstube, a Mexican restaurant named Hacienda Hernandez and a BBQ restaurant for a short time.

In 1976 the Monterrey building had been vacant for more than a year when three OU fraternity brothers decided to reopen it. Everyone in Norman referred to The Monterrey as The Mont so naming the new restaurant was easy.

Since opening on October 30, 1976 The Mont has grown from a local hangout for OU students into one of the most popular restaurants in the metro OKC area. As The Mont’s popularity grew over the years, many awards have been won, mostly in newspaper readers polls such as The Best Restaurant in Norman (won numerous times), Best Bar, Best Patio, Best Appetizers, Best Mixed Drinks, Best Exotic Drinks and the list goes on. In the early 90’s The Mont was honored with a feature in Southern Living Magazine. One of the reasons for the huge success of The Mont is using the same business philosophy that was used by the Charles family – Render you the best possible service, the highest quality of food and drink, properly prepared and temptingly served in a wonderful, historical atmosphere.

So the next time your in Norman, whether its for a game or just a visit, make sure and pay a visit to The Mont.

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